Are YOU in complete control of YOUR network?

We offer a platform that empowers the customer to define and create their own secure networks - instantaneously leveraging our patent protected, machine learning and optimized AI-WAN platform. We combine that with an exceptionally high level of visibility, monitoring, centralized management and security


Have you been able to centralize visibility, configuration, management, security, and overall CONTROL?

Imagine for a moment that YOU could be completely in control of your network and not at the mercy of your service provider...

Imagine complete network and network equipment visibility though one real-time application containing real-time and historical information about your network from any Internet connected device at any time day or night...

Imagine having the ability to instantaneously create a Wide Area Network, make changes to your Wide Area Network, and completely manage your Wide Area Network AND every peripheral piece of network equipment regardless of manufacturer through the use of one centralized application...

Imagine being in complete control of the security of your network. Imagine getting more sleep at night because you are secured by a threat management platform unlike any other...

Imagine being able to move to a completely Software Defined Network without a complete overhaul of existing network infrastructure...

Imagine a platform that offers full Edge Compute, SDWAN, multi-access, LTE, wireless, and Support for IoT...

Now stop imagining and allow me to introduce you to the current reality that is Netrolix.

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Our Team

The leadership team has a combined total of over 150 years of experience in computer programming, writing code (over 10 million lines of coding) coupled with a deep Network architecture design aptitude consisting of expertise in the following:

Software; Linux, OpenStack, and Redhat.

Hardware: ARM, Freescale, Microchip, Intel.

The leadership team has held influential positions with companies such as: AT&T, Level 3, XO, CenturyLink, Sprint, Nokia-Siemens, Windstream, Equinix the United States Government and more, giving them a significant level of insight to the historic and current marketplace.

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For businesses looking for something simple to get started.

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For businesses looking for something simple to get started.

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For businesses looking for something simple to get started.

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